The American Magnetrol international limited company locates the American Chicago, is the international well-known fluid position and the current capacity measuring appliance specialized production factory, has surpassed 70 years successful history. Its product quality is reliable, the performance is fine, the price is reasonable. In global and China's chemical industry, the petrification, the electric power and so on various professions all have the good achievement.

1.Liquid-level switch, count in the liquid location , liquid location changer

-Magnetel magnetism turnover panel liquid location skill offer safe visual liquid persons of instruction, you need afraid glass plate broken and question leaked.
-The float liquid location changer has intelligence outside EZ Modulevel series, simulation, the figure is moved etc. kindly multi-formly, offer the steady direct radio for your liquid location to export.
-Intact floater and sink tubes of type liquid-level switch suitable for most projects control the operating mode of series , Magnetrol of history of 65 years

2.RF liquid location changer and switch

-Line two , 82CE of Kotron , make liquid location changer suit continuous liquid high instrument of cost performance , location of measurement.
-Use the modernized surface mounting technique to make measurement more accurate in the electronic part, it is more reliable .
-The structure is compact that all kinds of pop one's head , can reach 34.5Mpa , and 538 C .

3.Thematel switch, liquid amount of TA1 gas quality are counted

-Use the flow , liquid-level switch and gas quality flow meter of the thermal diffusion type principle.
-Can be used in liquid of the small flow and gas measurement. Suitable for most operating modes , including high viscosity fluid.
-The self-checking function examines the performance of the switch at any time -The high temperature can reach 454C

4.Ultrasonic liquid-level switch -919 Echotel bring Valox outer cover, is it support economy switch , source of requirement while being many kinds of to meet.

-Echotel 910 accords with global many kinds of authentication (FM , CSA , GENELEC ), and can offer DPDT to export .
-Echotel 91S switch, continuous and examine manually by oneself, the electric current changes or the relay is outputted the function and delays time adjustably.

5.Vibration excellent material location switch

-Solitel uses the technology of shaking to monitor the solid material location .
-The firm one has popped one's head only and designed and guaranteed high dependability . Utilizing flexibility can extend 20 meters while popping one's head.
-Such operating modes as suitable and flying dust , saw-dust , the cement and dust ,etc..

6.Non- contact-type ultrasonic changer

-Suitable for the continuous liquid location , volume and opening the measurement of the flow of a container .
-Leading 16 fit key need to open the outer cover when making programming.

7.ECLIPSE leads the wave type radar liquid location changer

-One pair of outer covers of angle of 45 degrees, easy to wire, programming and observing. The outer cover can be rotated from all angles.
-Two lines, eight persons of liquid crystal show , easy to read through the glass outer cover .
-Medium influence that terms change, such as dielectric constant, change of proportion.
-Angry in the saturation, the foam , fluctuate, low liquid location and high frequency are loaded and unload under the operating mode of the material , it is remarkable to behave.
-The return circuit supports the source , 24VDC, 4-20mA liquid location changer can pass HART communication .
-Join fast, it makes installation can be finished within several minutes to pop one's head univesally and connect.
-Lead wave in charge of signal of strengthening , reduce because of long distance , low dielectric constant liquid weaken the question that the signal causes.
-The high temperature can reach 399C , the high pressure can reach 34.5Mpa , the dielectric constant is low to 1.4
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