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In 1995, the NMBFTE(Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economy)issued a formal commercial activity of import and export license to Ningbo XIAYU I&E company. Xiayu's Chinese head office is located at No.118 Daliang street (Block B Century Plaza) Ningbo, Zhejian Province , P.R.China.

Xiayu was once one of supplier of equipment & spare parts for the national electricity Power Stations, including equipment and spare parts Supplier Company in Ningbo. Therefore, the company already has a solid commercial co-operation network with the major electricity suppliers. They have recently become VIP customers of Xiayu, China.

Xiayu China adopts the latest advanced business and operating practices and philosophies ,covering general management ,product system technique and quality control & assurances and project management.

Xiayu China's success relies on our talented team. Them put all their energy into the company, encourage and accelerate its growth. Over 90% of the staff graduated from major Chinese tertiary institutions or special technological institutions. They utilize their passionate professional skills in electricity equipment/spare parts technology, administration, sales & marketing and customer service with their distinct company mission-WE EXIST FOR OUR CUSTOMER.

Xiayu China has over 10 years experience in electricity component spare parts, recovering oil system, water cycle refining technology experience. The product line includes power source equipment, pressure grade control, checkout equipment, processing equipment, physical-chemical testing equipments, such as GE, VELAN, CCI, ALFALAVAL , AQUARIAN,VALTEK,ROTORK, MAGNETROL, RAYCHEM,EDWARD,
and SIEMENS so on. They are all imported directly from the manufacturers, to satisfy Xiayu's key customers(DaTang Electricity Power Group,GuoHua Electricity Power Group,Zhejiang Energy Group).Xiayu has established company branches in USA, France and other places, to improve our sales and services network. These offices provide Xiayu customers a direct link Xiayu China.

Xiayu's sales records are strong. In 1999,the sales turnover was RMB 38 million. This has steadily increased to a turnover of RMB 150 million in year 2004. Xiayu has been awarded the “AAA” superior enterprise certificates on many occasions by the Ningbo government.

In Xiayu China's experience and in today's market, quality, and performance and on time delivery is not enough unless accompanied by top value. Adopting effective customer service models enhances the quality of communication with customers .This is further enhancement by Xiayu China's rigorous product quality programs and highly trained technicians personnel in China. We take pride in providing personalized, responsive and on time service from conception, fabrication to execution.

Xiayu China looks forward to providing superior electricity fabrication equipment for all Chinese enterprises.


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